One stepat a time gets you to the top

Starting a business is not for the faint of heart. It requires work, sweat and yes, probably a few tears. Don’t skip the steps.

“Who wants steps? I don’t like steps… When I was younger, I was impatient going up staircases…I would bound two or three steps at a time… until the day I fell… That fall taught me to respect the steps. One at a time, they take you to the next level… I’ve learned the race is not given to the swift. Nobody wants steps. They’re not attractive… If there was a way to get to a higher level without steps, we would take it… Steps mean you can’t get to the destination just because you want to, would like to, or even need to. You can stand on the first floor of a building and look up the staircase to the next floor for as long as you want, but all the wishing, hoping and, praying in the world are not going to get you to the second floor until you take the steps.” Destiny by T. D. Jakes