personal brand What do people say about you?

Think about your hair stylist. Why specifically do you have her style your hair? Her personality, her outfit and what she talks about while she’s cutting your hair are all a part of her personal brand. How people view you will be your personal brand. How do people see you? What do they say about you? Or maybe they aren’t even talking about you. Seth Godin says, fitting in is a failure and not standing out is being invisible. So how do you stand out and be seen? You start with this question:

How do you want to show up?

This is how people will remember you.

This is why people will hire you.

This will be part of your legacy.

Nail down exactly how you want others to see you and your business and then work your heinie off to align every aspect with it. Here are three questions that will help you pinpoint the direction of your personal brand.

  1. First, think about someone specific in your target market. Who is she? Let’s say her name is Tiffany. In a perfect world, how would you want Tiffany to describe your business to her colleagues or friends? Some examples are Hip & Trendy; Edgy & Upbeat; Heartwarming & Friendly; Health and Wellness. Think of 2-3 few words to describe your brand.
  2. Next, what will Tiffany feel after working with you? Remember you are not selling a product, you are selling an emotion. What is the emotion? If it’s health and wellness, maybe she will feel more mindful after working with you. If you are heartwarming and friendly, she will feel an incredible sense of hospitality and when the job is over you will remain bffs.
  3. Do the answers you described in the above questions, accurately described who you are at your core? Are they in alignment? If you’re a sweet Southern girl, you might have trouble pulling off edgy. If you’re a pastry chef that cooks with loads of butter and sugar, can you pull off a vibe of health and wellness? Maybe you can. It could work only IF it’s in alignment with who you are. If not, you will be so exhausted trying to be something you’re not. You’ll feel like an imposter and your clients will sense this. When you are in alignment, it will flow seamlessly.

In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible. Seth Godin

Don’t skip these questions. Once you decide how you want to show up decisions for your brand can be made with ease and your brand will be authentic and memorable.

How do you want to show up?